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Enlighten Sauna Rustic 4 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna (Corner)

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My Personal Take-

Rustic 4C is one of the few Infrared Saunas that offer Far/Near/Mid rays.

    Final Takeaway for everyone who use infrared sauna- 

    - Drink a glass of water before going inside infrared sauna 

    - If you are a beginner start by setting the temperature to 100F 

    - Use Infrared Sauna 3 to 4 times a week 

    Technical Features

    Interior Specification

    Depth: 59"
    Height: 73"
    Bench: Two 58" x 22"

    Exterior Specification

    Front wall: 38"
    Two back walls: 2" x 61"
    Two side walls: 2" x 33.5"
    Height: 96"

    Roof Specification

    Roof Width: 75"
    Roof Depth: 75"

    Unit Weight

    Number of Boxes: 5

    Product Weight: 925 lbs

    Shipping Weight: 975 lbs


    Adjust. Temp.: 0-149 F

    FHeaters Number: 9 Heaters

    Heaters Type: Low EMF Full Spectrum/Carbon

    Timer: 0 - 60 mins

    Near/Mid IR Wavelength: 0 to 5 microns

    Far IR Wavelength: 6 to 12 microns


    Amperage: 20 Amp

    Plug: NEMA 6-20p

    Voltage: 220/240 V

    Voltage(Optional): 110/120 V

    Wattage: 2350 W, 2650 W